Why Us?

I have known Marjie for over a decade. Our first interaction was while I was chairman of the board of Hadasit Bioholdings (a company which we listed on the Tell-Aviv Stock Exchange). She has also become my choice more recently as chairman of several companies I founded as president & CEO of Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (aka MaRS Innovation). It is an honor to work with Marjie who is absolutely amazing. She is very experienced and professional communication executive, who gently encourages you to be your best, no matter the pushback! What I find unique about her is that above and beyond her writing skills, she enters each project with a vast understanding of the subject matter. This is key to the success of any successful communications initiative. Finally, it is a joy and great fun to work with her. 

Dr. Rafi Hofstein,
Life Science Executive

Making you feel like you’re her only customer, that’s Marjie’s approach. While it’s definitely not the case, it’s truly how it feels. Marjie is always available and responsive for whatever question, support or work that needs to be done. Seeing the big picture while being aware of the details and reading between the lines, all allow Marjie to provide valuable feedback and guidance. In meetings, Marjie is that team member who quietly listens and then comes up with a thoughtful, creative solution and plan. All that, in addition to simply being a creative professional, makes it a pleasure to have Marjie on my Business Development team, leading the PR.

Dasy Mandel, Director of Business Development, Kadimastem
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Marjie is one of the best PR and marketing experts I’ve ever worked with. Serious, smart, pushy (when needed) and helpful. She has and still is helping us build our brand, working and consulting in various aspects of her role and beyond as well. She is always responsive and is actively looking for opportunities to advance our brand on the world. We were lucky enough to meet in a trade show and I’ve enjoyed working with her since. Super Duper…

Mike Telem, Founder, Kemtai

MHC, led by General Manager Marjie Hadad, has the most consummate marketing and PR professional team that we have ever used.  Marjie works thoughtfully and effectively with the entire globally based branding team, implementing projects successfully on time and under budget. She makes working on various time zones a strategic advantage. Marjie and the MHC team are a great choice. They have exceeded expectations and continue to deliver outstanding ROI!

Joe Martinez, founder, president and chief commercial officer, Healthy Meals Supreme.

“Must Have Communications makes things happen. Whether it is pushing and challenging me personally or professionally leading the company’s marketing communications strategy and initiatives – nothing is left to happenstance.  Marjie Hadad always jokingly apologizes for nagging. I say it’s never nagging when you are doing your job—and, doing it well. I really like the way Marjie thinks and edits. She makes the text more personal and professional and ALWAYS makes me better.  She just always finds the right words to express what I want to say or promote.  Marjie is VERY good at what she does and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Gerald Finken, Founder and CEO, Center Point Clinical Services. 
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“Marjie is a great PR professional! She brings unlimited enthusiasm, domain knowledge and has wonderful connections around the world from which to draw upon. She is always prepared, thorough, moves quickly, has great and timely follow-up. We worked together at GlucoMe to help position the company in the NA market where it had no name or brand recognition. She was able to get significant parties attention and help guide me through several interviews which resulted in great coverage for the company. I recommend her without reserve. “

John W. Erickson, Jr. 
Global Health Care Business Leader: Aligning Vision, Strategy & Teams to Drive Accelerated Business Growth.
Why Us?

When I think of global PR, I think of Must Have Communication’s Marjie Hadad. I have known her for more than a decade now.  Marjie listens well and takes care to gain a clear understanding of a client’s goals. From there she works very hard to meet or exceed client expectations. She functions very well under deadline pressure. Marjie’s advice is thoughtful and sound – clearly based on years of experience. She is creative and persistent, type A in her approach to documentation and interview preparation and plays by the rules. She is well connected with the trade and business press worldwide and has been very successful in securing placements in top tier publications that have helped my companies to achieve designated goals. She pushes in the type of charming way that inspires one to say ‘yes’. Marjie has a colorful personality and a fine sense of humor that the team enjoys. She is always my first choice for a press liaison. I recommend her highly.

Ehud Marom, Chairman, Stem Cell Medicine, Mapi Pharma and Pharma Two B

Marjie Hadad is a true professional! Working with her is like working with sunshine, nothing can stop you. Always helpful, always with a smile – she has no fear. If you are interested in kick-starting your PR or taking it up a notch, Marjie is the perfect choice.

Sigal Biran-Nagar, Director of Corporate Marketing, ECI

Marjie is THE professional.
From concept to implementation, Marjie delivers.
Over 15 years I have switched jobs, but not our media person.
It is great working with Marjie and I look forward to many more years together.

Dr. David Snyder, VP of Clinical Development, Gamida Cell, former VP of Clinical Development, Proneuron & Collgard

I have been working with Marjie for nearly 15 years now. Though Marjie is not a scientist, she has a unique ability to understand sophisticated scientific concepts and translate them into what she calls ‘science 101’ language. Her work is precise, timely and extremely professional. Marjie handles pressure well – with sophistication, focus, and an eye always on the objective and the deadline.  At Gamida Cell, she is one of us, getting along well with the whole team including the company’s partners. Marjie has guided us through various challenges over the years, with sound advice and iron protection.  Marjie is a wonderful asset. I look forward to working together for many years to come.

Dr. Yael Margolin, President and CEO, Gamida Cell

Mrs. Hadad has been supporting our PR and communications activity both for company and product positioning. Mrs. Hadad is always available and able to put all of the plans we have into action. I highly recommend Mrs. Marjie Hadad as a PR consultant for any company looking to either build or improve their communication programs!

Gideon Sturlesi, President & CEO, LifeBond Ltd.

Marjie, I wanted to thank you for arranging this and in particular for getting me ready for this. I definitely could not and would not have done it without you. Great work!

Dr. Dan J. Gelvan, managing director of life sciences at Aurum Ventures and chairman of the board of Beta-O2, following a four-minute, live interview on Bloomberg TV

Marjie provided us global public relations and marketing communication services for the USA and Israel after we received our FDA clearance. Marjie was excellent in providing guidance, creating the right contacts and helping to focus our message. She was also instrumental in selecting and securing coverage of our story in the right channels. We highly recommend her.

Ze’ev Lichtenstein VP Product Management, GI-View
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I met Marjie prior to our road show. Her vast experience, together with an in-depth understanding of the IPO process, helped the company’s leadership with sharpening messages as well as adapting and presenting them to different, relevant audiences to a successful conclusion.  As such, I continue to use Marjie’s inputs on a daily basis in my interactions with investors and the media.

Zvika Joseph, Chairman, Intec Pharma

I worked with Marjie when I was the CEO of Hadasit. I’ve worked with many pr people over the years, and Marjie is one of my favorites, in any part of the world. She works hard, responds well to feedback, is eager to meet or exceed client expectations and because of this, always gets the job done. She is a wonderful writer and has excellent connections and many long term friends in the press corps.  She is also full of surprises. I remember we were showing a journalist from Europe around the lab and the discussion turned to stem cell expansion. Marjie, who doesn’t have a background in science, with ease and accuracy, explained, in very simple terms how copper chelators work in this regard. I looked at her with surprise and with a half-smile asked: what do you know about copper chelators? That’s Marjie.  It is with great pleasure that I recommend her.

Dr. Rafi Hofstein, President & CEO, MaRS Innovation, former CEO of Hadasit and founder and former chairman of HBL

I first met Marjie when she was the press liaison at one of my many portfolio companies. I called her into my office at Rainbow Medical. I told her about an exciting new device we were developing and explained that we wanted coverage in top tier U.S. business press. Then we told her the catch: the product, an artificial retina called the Bio-Retina, didn’t exist yet – we were just building the prototype. Marjie thought for a moment, smiled and agreed to take on the challenge. She believed in us, the ultimate success of the team, and knew from the start she had in her hand a great story to tell, a key prerequisite for her joining any team. Within a few weeks, we had interviews with Marketwatch TV and WSJ.com. Marjie guided us through the process every step of the way. The story officially broke on Marketwatch and WSJ.com about a month later and we had a flood of press calls thereafter; they continue to this day. Marjie always does her best, with integrity, good faith, and fine spirit. It is with pleasure that I recommend her. She’s a good one to have on your team and good fun to have around.

Yossi Gross, CTO at Rainbow Medical and career inventor with more than 600 patents

Marjie is a PR star and the perfect front line representative for public affairs. She is professional, personable, creative, decisive and sharp. She knows her job well, has a flair for writing and editing and is ready to move mountains to help a company achieve their goals. When I was the CEO of Proneuron, Marjie was instrumental in helping us to form our key messages and deliver these messages clearly and consistently in interviews and in company produced press releases, advertising, and marketing materials. She coordinated international television coverage which sometimes involved multi-city shoots on the same day. She also field produced the company’s shoot of a macrophage spinal cord surgery at a local hospital. She was grace under fire and handled pressure well. As she is EXTREMELY detail oriented, no stone was left unturned and all of the shoots went smoothly. She was our liaison with the press people at the various hospitals that we worked with as well as the patients who agreed to help tell our story to the international press – she was appreciated by all, in and outside of the company. Marjie was one of the few consultants we invited to join us on a company fun day. As for coverage, thanks to Marjie’s wide range of contacts and relentless proactive approach (one of her journalist friends calls her the ‘nicest nag in the business’), our story appeared regularly and internationally: CNN, International Herald Tribune TV, the BBC, top tier print press, local media and the trades. If you are looking for PR, she is your man.

Nir Nimrodi, former CEO of Proneuron Biotechnologies, current VP and General Manager, Animal & Food Safety at Life Technologies

Marjie is professional, driven, creative and persistent, never giving up until she has achieved a designated goal. She is personable, organized, has an unusual memory for detail, and strong executive skills. She pushes boundaries, always keeping in mind how she might best service the interest of her client. I am delighted to recommend Marjie.

Avner Halperin, CEO, EarlySense

Marjie was my pr manager and director of international media for seven years.  She is a fantastic writer, driven, extremely detail oriented and can handle any project you assign to her, classic pr or otherwise.  Worldwide press coverage, ghostwriting articles, producing corporate movies, speaking opportunities at high-level meetings like the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos – she helped us with all of this, with grace and wit. Over the years, I have often finished our conversations with the phrase, ‘make it happen’. And she does just that – make it happen. It may take time, but she almost always finds a way to work it out.

Amir Gal-Or, founder and managing partner, Infinity Group

I worked with Marjie, now at Must Have Communications, for 7-8 years in my capacity as a partner of the Challenge Fund & the chairman of Earlysense. Marjie is a top tier global PR executive that is fully dedicated to her customers. With a deep understanding of the U.S. & global media, based on her hands-on experience, Marjie is able to phrase & put your message in the right place whether it’s T.V, professional magazine or national press.  The package includes her great personality and reasonable rates. I recommended Marjie to my portfolio companies & will continue to do so in the future.

Yossi Vinitski, co-Chairman, EarlySense and Partner, former partner of The Challenge Fund

Marjie is a pr magic maker and a joy to have on the team.  Her customized service and highly strategic approach has helped me and my companies to repeatedly achieve targeted goals. She makes sure to gain a deep understanding of a company and its interests and then proactively, creatively and methodically builds And implements well-planned pr programs, creating a win-win situation for the company and the press it is courting.  She also has a gift for corporate communications and research. If it’s out there, she’ll find it. She is also an experienced and talented writer, orator and storyteller – skills she employs to media train and support her clients. You’ll always do well to hire Marjie

Dr. Jacob Dagan, COO, Goldman Hirsh Partners, Ltd.

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