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Marketing Experts

Strategic and Inspiring Storytelling


We’ll review the market, determine your short and long term goals, define your positioning and associated key messages and then begin to develop your story.


Based on the research and an initial high level assessment, we will together formulate a strategy to achieve the defined goals.


We will design a plan based on the devised strategy that will map out the timeline of tactics.


Our talented and capable team will implement the plan swiftly and thoughtfully.


At each juncture, we will evaluate the pros and cons of the various initiatives and either continue on the existing path or modify as required.

Top Tier Media Interviews

Crisis Managment

Executive Production of Photo Shoots, Company Videos and Commercials

Strategic and Creative Event Planning and Implementation

Ghost Writing and Editing


  • One of the Best

    Marjie is one of the best PR and marketing experts I’ve ever worked with. Serious, smart, pushy (when needed) and helpful. She has and still is helping us build our brand, working and consulting in various aspects of her role and beyond as well. She is always responsive and is actively looking for opportunities to advance our brand on the world. We were lucky enough to meet in a trade show and I’ve enjoyed working with her since. Super Duper…
    Mike Telem
  • Always Available

    Making you feel like you’re her only customer, that’s Marjie’s approach. While it’s definitely not the case, it’s truly how it feels. Marjie is always available and responsive for whatever question, support or work that needs to be done. Seeing the big picture while being aware of the details and reading between the lines, all allow Marjie to provide valuable feedback and guidance. In meetings, Marjie is that team member who quietly listens and then comes up with a thoughtful, creative solution and plan. All that, in addition to simply being a creative professional, makes it a pleasure to have Marjie on my Business Development team, leading the PR.

    Dasy Mandel
    Director of Business Development
  • Absolutely Amazing

    I have known Marjie for over a decade. Our first interaction was while I was chairman of the board of Hadasit Bioholdings (a company which we listed on the Tell-Aviv Stock Exchange). She has also become my choice more recently as chairman of several companies I founded as president & CEO of Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (aka MaRS Innovation). It is an honor to work with Marjie who is absolutely amazing. She is very experienced and professional communication executive, who gently encourages you to be your best, no matter the pushback! What I find unique about her is that above and beyond her writing skills, she enters each project with a vast understanding of the subject matter. This is key to the success of any successful communications initiative. Finally, it is a joy and great fun to work with her. 

    Dr. Rafi Hofstein

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