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“Marjie leads the pr and marketing program at the Incubator with grace, professionalism and a manner possible only with decades of experience. She is clever, personable, well-connected and a master storyteller and copywriter, all which inspire the CEOs of our portfolio companies when preparing for a presentation or interview. Marjie is an asset to any team.”
Shai Policker
CEO, MEDX Xelerator
“Marjie is my guardian angel. That says it all.”
Dr. Gal Goshen
CEO, PatenSee
"I have known Marjie for over a decade. Our first interaction was while I was chairman of the board of Hadasit Bioholdings (a company which we listed on the Tell-Aviv Stock Exchange). She has become also my choice more recently as chairman of several companies I founded as president & CEO of Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (aka MaRS Innovation). It is an honor to work with Marjie who is absolutely amazing. She is very experienced and professional communication executive, who gently encourages you to be your best, no matter the pushback! What I find unique about her is that above and beyond her writing skills, she enters each project with a vast understanding of the subject matter. This is key to the success of any successful communications initiative. Finally, it is a joy and great fun to work with her."
Dr. Rafi Hofstein
Life Science Executive
"I worked with Marjie both on media placement and media training. I highly recommend Marjie for both, and I have to say, Marjie, now I'm after the radio interview, your training was invaluable, and I even managed to enjoy it! Thank you!"
Joanna Landau
Founder & CEO, Vibe Israel
"Marjie has truly helped take our PR activities to the next level – from deep thought to properly defining our key messages, to providing extremely valuable media training, all the way to coordinating PR initiatives. Working with Marjie is great. She is extremely experienced and devoted, and knows how to encourage and challenge you to be your best."
Anat Shani
CEO, Synchrony Medical
"I have the pleasure to work with Marjie at Exero Medical. Marjie is remarkable- she shaped the story of Exero Medical and translated a few thoughts into a well-executed strategy complemented by effective press releases, outreach to various stakeholders and wide national and international media coverage. The best thing about Marjie is her capability to simplify and make things accessible. Do you have a complicated message to get across? Marjie will make it communicable and train you so you are able to convey it. Also, Marjie’s people skills are excellent – that is why her wide spread network is keen to assist her to deliver. Marjie is the force propelling Exero’s marketing and I heartily recommend her."
Dr. Erez Shor
CEO, Exero Medical
"I am delighted to strongly recommend Marjie Hadad as an international press expert. Marjie has served as Kadimastem's international media planner for the last two years. Kadimastem is a biotech company, developing innovative cell therapies for neurological diseases and diabetes. Marjie continues to prove herself to be an insightful and adept marketing mind, helping the company grow and creating successful media campaigns. Marjie handles media relations, develops, and implements the company's media strategy, and provides the company with access to international media channels to present its vision and cell therapy products. On a personal level, Marjie, performed an excellent job in my media training providing me (and other company's representatives) with the needed tools, finding in each one the strengths that can promote the company's marketing strategy. Marjie greatest strength was her ability to balance the short term and more detailed elements of media marketing with the company’s longer-term vision. She’s very intelligent, a very hard worker, and she sets very high standards for herself and the people she works with. Because of her talent for successful media relations and her dedication and the energy that she brings every day, I highly recommend her."
Dr. Michal Izrael
VP R&D, Kadimastem
"Shortly after AMF Medical came out of stealth, we started working with Marjie Hadad. She has been just superb to help us craft crisper messages and - at least as important - to get our press releases picked up by relevant publications, through her unparalleled network. Her ability to guide us to find our voice attuned to our audience and her patiently persistent dedication to get it ‘just right’ have been invaluable for us as a start-up, to put our accomplishments into words and to build our public credibility. It is a real pleasure to work with her and I gladly recommend her without reservation!"
Pim van Wesel
CEO, AMF Medical SA
"Marjie is such a pleasure to work with. I've worked with her continuously for the past year now on several articles and interviews for VeinWay. She has helped to shape our story and to publish it to the world. When conducting an interview for i24 news, she gave me media training for several days leading up to the interview and was there with me during. I could not have succeeded without her. She is active on getting press opportunities and knows exactly when and how to place a story to make it pop. I highly recommend working with Marjie on all PR related items."
Jordan Pollack
CEO, VeinWay
"We have been working a number of years now with Marjie, who has become a part of the company through and through. She learned in depth the Company’s unique and complex technologies and has integrated herself into its strategies and aims. Marjie holds high moral and professional standards and it is felt in her work methods. She comes into the office when her presence is needed and goes above and beyond the call to action in every project. She implements ideas and pushes them forward. In hard times and good times she’s with you and always on your side!"
Sarah Bazak
Executive Business Operations, Kadimastem

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